Awake Beneath a New Sun

by Mike Papaloni

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released September 27, 2015

All songs written, performed, recorded, and mixed by Mike Papaloni

Mastered by Jeremy Legault (thanks for everything).



all rights reserved


Mike Papaloni

Mississauga, ON

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Track Name: Coral Reef
Let’s heal this mess of ours
Though a travesty holds it in place
I still do believe
That one day we’ll find ourselves
And we will keep
Hiding out in our own coral reef

With nothing at all to love
We’ll tear down our walls
With nothing to give
Can’t think of a worse way to live

So tear down the walls that I have built for years
Let me burn in the rays of light that I fear
The silence just won’t suffice
We’re all ears tonight, we’re all ears
So tear down the border line
All the cold goodbyes from frontiers

With nothing at all to love
We’ll tear down our walls
With nothing to give
Can’t think of a worse way to live
Track Name: The Upside
So dull is this waterfall
Showing me no life

No longer do we care for each other
We have leaned towards
A false sense of pride

I’ve got the window open wide
Have I been wrong, searching for the upside?

On a raft upon the river
Where the morning branches quiver
I watch the sunrise

But so dull is this sunlight
But too bright for my eyes

I’ve got the window open wide
Have I been wrong, searching for the upside?
Track Name: If Only
Can I take back what I said?
Is it a catchy song stuck in your head?
With the lights out
Are you crying in your bed?
Was it I you were waiting for?
Did your eyes burn bright when I was at your door?
Bright, like the skies that you would choose to ignore
But you chose denial as if there was nothing more

And it’s taking all the glow from your eyes
But I won’t idly stand by

If only I could speak to your soul
If only it would speak to us all
If only I could speak loud enough
Track Name: Ode
Your days go slow
You’re taken down that road again, I know
But not quick to show
That it’s a tough pill to swallow

But you don’t pray for your own soul
You’ve got friends with no homes
Nowhere to go
Finding their place is your goal
Track Name: Reverie
Sailing out, out to sea
And when I drop my anchor to your ocean floor
It will stay in arms reach
And in the forest, there are trees
That are easy to go tying your rope to
But would you tie your rope to me?

And I’d rather die
Couldn’t ever live to understand
Seeing you leaving without my heart in your hands

And the flowers wouldn’t blossom
No they wouldn’t dare
To sprout out in the air
Without you and I watching them there
And by the dock,
Where I weep
When your big brown eyes say “closing time”
Would you lay right there and fall asleep?
Track Name: 36
It’s been a while
Since I rode the 36 all night
And in the circles that it drives
Around town I think about past lives
It’s all cycles of the human mind
We’re all circling the brightest light
But never to our own design
If only you were here tonight

See, I’d tell you all about the time
We thought it’d be cool to redefine
Our notions of the other side
I threw them together the day you died
I know sometimes that in this life
Our pleasantries come with a price
Were we gambling with loaded dice?
Were we standing on our own thin ice
As I let it get you?

I hope the lights are coming for you.